Tintypes are sometimes mounted in cases but can be readily distinguished from daguerreotypes by their non-reflective surface. The image has less contrast. Sometimes ripples in the metal are visible. They vary in size-from tiny gem pictures of 1/2 square inch or less to 8x10 inches. Color pigment was often applied. They can be found in cases but most often found in paper enclosures, loose or in albums.

Special care should be used when handling tintypes. There are several ways to house tintypes.
* Lightly dust tintype with a soft clean brush.
* Store in a four flap acid free folder (transfer all documentation to folder).
* Place tintype horizontally in a small acid free box with a lid or folders.
* Albums shoud be wrapped in acid-free paper or placed on acid-free box of similar size.

Store in a cool, dry, and dark area where temperature and humidity do not fluctuate.
(Ideal temperatures are 65° - 68° F and 40%-50% RH)

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