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Aerial View of Jones and Laughlin Steel
c. 1970
Bill Beal
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Description: The first few seconds of this film are of Glenwood Yards, along the banks of the Monongahela River. The film then jumps further up river to the Jones and Laughlin plant along Pittsburgh's South Side. The company's buildings can be seen on both sides of the river, with the Hot Metal Bridge spanning the river. The bridge was constructed in 1887 to carry molten steel from the Eliza furnaces on the Monongahela's north shore to the rolling mills on the south shore.

The Jones & Laughlin Steel Corporation was once one of the largest iron and steel manufacturers in the United States. The grounds on which J&L once stood have been the location of an extensive brownfield reclamation project. The Pittsburgh Technology Center now stands on the land where the Eliza Furnace was formerly located. South Side Works, an assortment of restaurants, shops, offices, and apartments, was built upon land where Jones and Laughlin (and its successor LTV Steel) once operated steel mills.

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