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Aerial View of Pittsburgh’s Downtown
Bill Beal
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Windows Media (broadband); Quicktime (dial-up)
Description: This film provides an aerial view of downtown, beginning at Point State Park. The park is pictured here in the midst of its development, prior to the construction of the fountain. The Manchester and Point Bridges, which can be seen briefly at the beginning of the clip, would be torn down in 1970. The view continues up the Monongahela River, before turning north across town over Duquesne University. As the shot turns west, the skyscrapers of Pittsburgh’s Golden Triangle area come in to view. Among the structures that can be seen are the Mellon Arena, the Allegheny Courthouse and Jail, and Chatham Center. The film ends on the Gulf Building, which is lit orange at the top to signify a forecast of fair weather.
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