Establish an order for your photographs by date, subject, or category. Always document people, places and events in your photographs. When it is necessary to write on a photograph, notations should be written on the back of the photograph, along the edges in pencil or with acid-free pen designed for this purpose.

Enclose each photograph in uncoated Mylar D or polypropylene sleeves that provide surface protection and help to minimize damage during handling. Acid-free labels can be adhered to the sleeve surface for notations. Opaque acid-free paper enclosures also provide protection and provide a surface for notations.
Other materials such as polyvinyl chloride can damage photographs.

* Store the enclosed photographs in acid-free boxes.
* Store similar sized items together.
* Color photocopies or digital copies should be made to minimize the handling of original prints.

Store in a cool, dry dark area where temperature and humidity do not fluctuate.
Ideal conditions are 65° - 68° F and 40%-50% RH.

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